You can message a partner you've had a session with in the past week or a partner that you're matched with for an upcoming session.

Sometimes you may want to message your partner to:

  • Let them know you're running late

  • Follow up about something you discussed in the session

  • Give them your invite link so they can book more sessions with you if you enjoyed working together

Here's how to message a partner you're matched with for an upcoming session:

1. Hover over the session and click the Pen icon

You can find the session in the Upcoming section (see picture), on your calendar, or in your Sessions tab.


2. Select the Message icon on the popup


3. Type your message and submit!

(Note: You'll receive any replies directly to your email address through the same form but your address won't be shown to your partner)


Here is how to message a partner that you've had a session with:

Note: You can only access past sessions up to 1 week after the session has passed.

1. Click Sessions > Past Week and then click the pencil icon on the bottom right corner of your session with them

2. From there, just follow the instructions given above. Select the Message icon on the popup and submit the form!

Please keep in mind the Community Guidelines and respect your partner's time and privacy.

If you have any questions about these steps please feel free to contact us for help!

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