Most sessions get matched, but if yours doesn't, we're sorry! We suggest you try again. About 90% of sessions currently get a match, with the number increasing all the time.

You can increase your chances of matching with a partner by making sure to book your session up to 1 hr in advance of when you would like to cowork. If you don't get matched with a partner then, unfortunately, you won't have a coworker for that time slot.

Luckily, for most users this scenario is pretty rare! Some people still like to sit in the room and power through their task list - the act of showing up has them in the mood to get it done!

Group coworking spaces and instant sessions are features that will exist in future iterations of Focusmate to help users make productive use of their time even if they don't match with a partner (or they're partner has to cancel last minute).

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