Once the session begins you and your partner are ready to get to work! The idea here is to be friendly, set goals and communicate regularly throughout the session to help you stay accountable for your work.


  • Spend 10-30 seconds describing the project you're working on, and the specific tasks/components you'll work on during the next 50 minutes

  • Write each task down in the chat area before working on it

  • Declare when you're starting a new task, using the chat feature

  • Be specific when defining each task in the chat

  • Let your partner know at the beginning of the session if you're expecting an urgent phone call, or have another reason you need to interrupt what you're working on

  • Work quietly on the task you've declared

  • Consider wearing headphones if in a public place where likely to be approached

  • Announce a bio break, water break, etc.

  • Check in with your partner at the end to discuss how it went, and celebrate a productive session!

  • Mute yourself if you're listening to music or watching videos

  • Smile, and be friendly!


  • Start a conversation about what you or your partner is working on

  • Check your phone or answer any unplanned calls or messages

  • Vent or complain

  • Socialize with others around you

  • Get up and disappear without letting your partner know why and for how long

  • Leave early, or without checking in verbally with your partner

  • Disclose anything your partner shares during the session

  • Take screenshots or recordings of your session

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