During a Focusmate session, you simply meet your accountability partner, declare your intentions, and then get to work!


  • Nicely greet your partner

  • Spend 10-30 seconds describing the project you're working on, and the specific tasks/components you'll work on during the session

  • Write each task down in the chat area

  • Declare when you're starting a new task, using the chat feature (if helpful to you)

  • Be specific when defining your tasks

  • Let your partner know at the beginning of the session if you're expecting an urgent phone call, or have another reason you need to interrupt what you're working on

  • Work quietly on the task you've declared

  • Announce a bio break, water break, etc.

  • Check-in with your partner at the end to discuss how it went, and celebrate a productive session!

  • Smile, and be friendly!


  • Start a conversation about what you or your partner is working on

  • Vent or complain

  • Socialize with others around you, or have others present in frame while you're on your session

  • Get up and disappear without letting your partner know why and for how long

  • Leave early, or without checking in verbally with your partner

  • Disclose anything your partner shares during the session

  • Take screenshots or recordings of your session

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