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What is the purpose of Focusmate?
What is the purpose of Focusmate?
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To empower people and organizations to achieve their goals by unlocking the power of psychology, technology and the human spirit.


To build software that improves the way 100 million people work and learn by 2028.

So.. what is Focusmate?

Focusmate changes the way you work by connecting you to other like-minded people who have committed to being accountable for finishing their most important work.

You choose a time to work, and Focusmate pairs you with an accountability partner for a live, virtual coworking session that will keep you on task.

Research in psychology and behavioral science shows that regular human connection reduces the likelihood that a worker will procrastinate or become distracted.

The Focusmate virtual coworking model is rooted in evidence-based approaches to productivity, and systems of accountability developed by leading executive and leadership coaches.

In our most recent internal survey, 95.5% of users reported a significant increase in productivity and reduced procrastination.

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