Scheduling a session is easy! Once you've logged into your shiny new Focusmate account you'll be routed to your dashboard. The dashboard offers two ways of scheduling a session:

Option 1: Click on the "+" button at the bottom right corner and a box will pop up. You can title the session (visible only to you), select a date and time you want to work (The next available time will be selected by default) and then decide if you want to make this a recurring session or a one time event.

Option 2: Click the time slots directly on the calendar! You can book a session starting every 15 mins. You may select a single session and use the check icon to complete the request or you may select multiple slots and click the big button at the bottom of the screen to request all of them at once!

Once you've selected your sessions you will see them listed on the left side of the screen. Each session will tell you whether or not you have a match for that time slot yet, don't worry about 99% of sessions are matched so we recommend expecting to have a partner!

Keep in mind that your current partner may cancel or reschedule prior to your session and a new match could be made all the way up to the time the session begins! At any point you can view session details from there, cancel it, edit the name or send your partner a message.

Once you're within ten minutes of a session start time you can launch the video chat room by clicking the Join button on the session from the left hand panel or by clicking the "play" icon on the booking from the calendar itself. If for some reason it's not working, reload the calendar and try again. That's all you are ready to get coworking :)

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