Every Focusmate member contributes to the vitality of the community by following five rules:

Honor your commitments: Treat each session with the same respect you would a business meeting with your most important client, mentor or colleague. Don’t cancel last-minute unless there’s a true emergency.

Be present and active: Keep your webcam turned on the entire session. Use chat to share your progress on tasks during your session, and acknowledge your partner’s progress, too.

Stick to business: Focusmate is a professional community, not a social or dating site. Don’t ask for personal information or share details about yourself that aren’t germane to the project you’ll be working on.

Communicate schedule changes: Most bad experiences can be prevented through considerate communication. Communicate with your partners through in-app messaging and check the email connected to your account.

Report bad behavior*: When you use the app’s reporting function, you help enforce the rules consistently and fairly. Don’t worry - we only ban users when there’s a pattern of disrespect.

*Please note that late attendance/failure to attend is automatically tracked by the system.

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