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Do I need to keep the video and audio turned on for the entire session?
Do I need to keep the video and audio turned on for the entire session?
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Camera / Video Requirements

Keeping your camera on during the entire session is mandatory. Seeing your partner is key to a safe and comfortable environment for everyone to work in, and it's an essential feature for creating a feeling of accountability and connection.

For that reason, it's part of our Community Guidelines that you must keep your camera on for the whole session.

What if I can't stay on camera the whole time?

It's perfectly ok if you need to step away for a minute for a bathroom break, a glass of water, or to open the door โ€” just let your partner know by typing something like "brb" in the chat.

Microphone / Audio Requirements

Different people have different preferences, so the easiest way is to check in with your partner at the beginning of the session to share your preferences!

If you'd like to listen to music or watch videos or engage in other activities that might be loud, muting is the way to go.

Some members believe that keeping the microphone on during the session helps boost their productivity while others prefer to be on mute for most of the session and have a muted partner.

Another possibility is that they are working at a library or an office and need to do all their communication by chat not to disturb others.

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