First, what are private groups?

Private groups are a very small scale experiment within Focusmate, that enable members of a group to be preferentially matched with one another. If another group member is available at that time slot, they are paired up. If not, a group member is matched with a non-group member.

  • The primary purpose of this experiment is for us as a company to learn about matching preferences.

  • The functionality is very rudimentary and not ready for prime time. Moreover, we do not plan on making these features readily available to all members in their current form.

  • The vast majority of Focusmate members are not in groups.

  • That is all to say, if you are not in a group, you are not missing out!

Second, if you are still interested in delving into what groups have to offer, a word of caution: When you join a group, you will be preferentially matched with other group members. This may actually cause your partners to get swapped more often.

With that all said, there are a few groups that are open to members.

If you are interested in learning more, you can find threads on each group below:

Getting Things Done Together

Inspiring Health Leadership

Lean In Together

Ph.D. Community

Writing Momentum

MedMate (medical students)

The Creative Spirals (work on art)

Third, we are approving a select number of new groups into our paid pilot.

Please be aware, we are not approving new groups for anything related to member preferences (mic on), identity (women), shared tasks (exercise), etc.—we are essentially only approving groups for existing organizations, e.g. “Company X”. This is because we are planning other features to address those other needs, much more effectively (we hope).

Fourth, there are two types of group, and the current pricing starts at $50/mo for either. The first type is a Basic group, wherein members have Basic memberships (3 free sessions/week). They can upgrade on their own if they choose. This group type can have unlimited members. The second type is a Turbo group, wherein the admin pays for the members’ Turbo memberships. This group costs $50/mo minimum for up to 10 members, and $5/mo/member for each additional member.

If you would like to apply to be part of the pilot, you can do so here:


PS We’ll try to keep this doc updated. However, please know that our priority is to build new, better features that enable you to match with the people. you want to match with, rather than to roll out more groups or invest effort in keeping this current. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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