Great question! How the calendar works is, there are hundreds if not thousands of sessions going on at every time slot.

At the moment, you won't see all that activity on the calendar, but what you do see is if someone hasn't yet been matched or you may see someone from your private group who's booked on that same time slot. Even the slots right now that seem empty, may have lots of partners matched up already -- so don't hesitate to book there, you'll be the next one to get a match :)

What does that all mean? Right now, just find a time on the calendar that works for you and we'll do the rest! We'll find you a match 99% of the time -- for that rare time you don't get a partner showing up, we'll try to offer you a rematch or suggest you book the next available time slot.

So drop in at the dashboard and book your first session! If you were hoping to choose your partner, we're hoping to add more features to help you curate your experience but for a start you can set your gender matching preferences here or join a Private Group where we make it a priority to match you with some of the communities created on Focusmate.

Hope you have a great session!

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