You can find your invite link in the top navigation, it looks like this:

When you send your invite link to someone, they will be able to see all of the upcoming sessions you have booked and choose one of them to co-work with you.

Even if you get automatically matched with another Focusmate partner after booking a session, don't worry -- your friends will still be able to see all of your upcoming sessions and if they book one, your current match will be overridden and you'll be "locked-in" with your friend.

We recommend loading your invite link yourself so you can see what your friend will see there as well.

Here's a snapshot of my calendar as an example:

You can use the invite link to work again with partners you enjoyed working with, schedule accountability sessions, introduce Focusmate to a friend, learn languages, workout or do something that you feel more comfortable doing with a specific partner that you already know.

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