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How can I create a session for my friends to book? How can I book sessions directly with a friend?

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You can schedule sessions directly with a friend, or have them schedule your sessions by using your invite link. You can find yours at

How do I "create" sessions for my friends to book?

Your invite link will show every upcoming session that you have scheduled. So just book some sessions on the calendar, and send your link to someone!

They will be able to see all of the upcoming sessions you have scheduled and choose one of them to co-work with you.

Help! All of my sessions are automatically matched. How can I prevent this?

If you get automatically matched with another Focusmate partner after booking a session, don't worry -- all of your upcoming sessions show up on your invite link even if you were assigned a random match, and if someone books a session through your invite link, your current match will be overridden and you'll be "locked-in" with your friend instead.

We recommend opening your invite link yourself so you can see what your friends will see there as well.

Here's a snapshot of mine, as an example:

You can use the invite link to work again with partners you enjoyed working with, schedule accountability sessions, introduce Focusmate to a friend, learn languages, work out or do something that you feel more comfortable doing with a specific partner that you already know.

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