We’ve released updates to your video experience. Let’s walk through the changes to get you comfortable with what’s new.

The experience hasn’t changed too much, but several improvements will provide better video & audio for your session.

What’s changed?

Let’s start with the obvious

  • We’ve updated to a dark mode color scheme.

  • You’ll see yourself in the center stage while waiting for your partner.

  • Updated chat interface with time stamps -- excellent for when you are zoomed in and wonder how long ago your partner sent that message!

Upgrades to audio & video

  • Better support for various browsers and devices from our video provider

  • New video & audio buttons to quickly switch devices and mute without confusion.

Getting comfortable with your video experience

  1. Session Partner - This label shows you a bit about your partner for the session.

  2. Your Video Feed - This thumbnail video is your video feed once your partner joins.

  3. Session Timer - You’ll see a countdown to your session start time and end time.

  4. Help? - You can find helpful info on the in-session experience, including options to report any concerns about your experience with a partner.

  5. Leave - When you have finished a session, click Leave here to exit.

  6. Toggle View - By default, you’ll see your partner in the larger window and yourself in the small thumbnail, then click the toggle to see a side-by-side view.

  7. Chat - Chat with your partner during the session to share your goals or status update i.e. brb - now complete with timestamps, so you know how long it’s been.

  8. Video - Use the arrow button here to select your preferred video device for your session. Please don’t turn your video off because it’s an essential part of the science behind Focusmate.

  9. Audio - Use the arrow to select your preferred audio device, plus you can mute during the session.

  10. Chat - Use this button to open the chat and message your partner. When you have unread messages, a red dot will appear.

  11. Share Screen - Community members use screen sharing to help when they want more accountability. Please be sure to give your partner a heads up before you start sharing.

That’s all -- you are ready to get started now!

Want to feel more prepared?

See a session in action...

Want to feel more prepared? Try launching a test.

Launch a Test Session from the top of your dashboard, where you can do a quick test of your camera and microphone before being given the option to join your private test session.

Test your camera first

Testing your camera in the test session

Then you can click Join Meeting to go into a private test session to get the full experience.

When you are ready, go book a session!

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