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Give the gift of focus 🎁

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You can purchase Focusmate gift cards to give the gift of focus to friends, family, and colleagues!

Gift cards are available for $10, $30, $60, and $85 worth of credit, and can be purchased via card or PayPal.

How do they work?

Gift card provide credit that will be added to your Focusmate account balance. Once you subscribe to a paid plan on Focusmate, any monthly/ yearly fees will be deducted from your balance until it runs out.

Please note a payment method is required when upgrading your subscription, but you'll only be charged on your card after all your credit has been used.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you still have any credit, it will remain in your account and won't expire.

How do I redeem it?

To redeem your gift card, click "upgrade" and add the code on your card to the coupon field.

If you already have an active subscription, please reach out to

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