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Had a session with someone but felt your working styles weren't the best match? Have a tight deadline and can't squeeze time for the great conversation you usually enjoy with one of your favorite partners? Shared your invite link around but want to control who books sessions with you? Snooze can help!

Snooze offers control and flexibility over who you match with...or don’t match with 🙃. When you snooze someone, we won’t match you with them or show them your sessions on your invite link and Availability page during the snooze period. We also won’t let them know you snoozed them.

Let's answer some key questions about snooze.

  • How do I snooze someone?

    You can snooze a person by clicking the ‘Snooze’ option in the three-dot menu on their profile or in the session details box (available once you’ve matched with them for a session).

  • How long can I snooze someone for?

    There’s a variety of duration options: from one hour to a month, indefinitely, or a custom duration. Change your mind? Don’t worry, editing the snooze is easy too :)

  • When can I snooze someone?

    You can snooze anyone at any time before a session starts. If you snooze someone after you've already been matched with them for an upcoming session, we will find you a new partner if that session is during the snooze period. Heads up: If you snooze someone while you’re already in a session with them, that session will not end automatically or be rematched.

  • When exactly does a snooze end?

    Let’s explain this with an example. You snooze David until 1pm today and then book a session for 1pm. David is snoozed until 1pm and will be added to your matching pool for any sessions starting at 1pm onwards. So if you book a session for 1pm, you can get matched with him.

  • Will people know if I snooze them?

    No, we won't let them know you snoozed them.

  • Can I see a list of people I have snoozed?

    Yes! The People page provides just that. Just click 'People' in the navigation under the Focusmate logo. Here, click the dropdown on the left-hand side and select 'Snoozed'

    You can also get to your Snoozed list from Settings: Click on your profile picture at the top right > click ‘Settings’ > click ‘Partner Preferences’ > click ‘View and manage your snoozes’. You can also get to this list by clicking ‘Manage Snoozes’ after you snooze someone.

  • When should I use snooze vs block?

    We recommend snoozing when personal preference is the focus. For example, snooze Nadia if their way of working just isn’t a good fit for you and you wouldn’t want to match with them for some time. Snoozed partners can still see your profile and contact you using the message option in the session details box.

    Block and/or report if your partner is making you feel unsafe or uncomfortable and you don’t want them to be able to contact you or see you on the platform. By reporting you are helping us keep the Focusmate community safe and productive.

  • I want to unblock someone and snooze them instead. How can I do that?

    Currently, you're only able to unblock someone by clicking the 'Unblock' option on their profile or in the session details box (if you had a session with them). We're working on a way to make it easier to manage your blocks🤞🏾.

  • How do my See Availability page and invite link work for people I have snoozed?

    When someone you have snoozed visits your Availability page or invite link, they won’t see any sessions you have during the snooze period. If you have sessions after the snooze period, they will still be able to see and book those. A few examples:

    • If you snooze Anna for the next six hours and you have sessions booked throughout the next 12 hours, Anna will not see any of your sessions in the next six hours, but can see and book the sessions that are after that period.

    • If you snooze Rahul indefinitely ('Until I unsnooze them'), they won’t see any sessions on your Availability page or invite link until you unsnooze them.

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