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Learn about the new People page on Focusmate

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The People page lets you see who you've had sessions with on Focusmate, and users you have snoozed.

Let's answer some key questions about the People page.

  • Who is shown on the People page?

    The People page is made up of two lists, Everyone and Snoozed, which you can toggle using the dropdown on the left-hand side (or the top one if you're on mobile). Everyone includes all the Focusmate users you've ever had a session with. This also includes users you have snoozed (whether you've had a session with them or not). The Snoozed list includes the users you have snoozed.

  • How is the Everyone list sorted?

    By default, the Everyone list is sorted by your most recent partners. Using the dropdown on the right-hand side (or the bottom one if you're on mobile), you can sort the list by partners' names or number of sessions together.

  • When is someone added to the People page?

    Every time you complete a session, your partner is added to the People page. And whenever you snooze someone, they are also added to the page.

  • Can I message my past partners through the People page?

    Currently you are only able to message your partners using the Session Details box; you can read more about this here: How to message your partner.

  • Does the People page include users I have blocked?

    No, the People page does not include users you have blocked or those who may have blocked you. It also does not include users who have deleted their accounts.

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