Locked-in sessions

Learn about locked-in sessions and how to book one

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  • What is a locked-in session?
    A locked-in session is one where both partners are 'locked-in’—meaning that, unlike a ‘regular’ session, your partner won’t change unless one of you cancels the session. A locked-in session shows up with a lock icon on the calendar, on the Sessions page, and on your partner’s Availability page.

  • Who can book locked-in sessions with me? Who can I book a locked-in session with?
    Every Focusmate member controls who can book locked-in sessions with them through their Availability setting. They can choose between ‘Everyone’ (all Focusmate members excluding people they have snoozed or blocked, and those that don’t match their gender preference, if any.), ‘Favorites only’, and ‘No one.’ You can book a locked-in session with anyone in your Favorites list as long as their Availability setting allows. More about the Availability setting.

  • How can I book a locked-in session?
    There are two ways you can book a locked-in session:

    • On the Favorites Availability view: Favorites Availability shows a consolidated view of when your Favorite partners are available on Focusmate over the next two weeks. Navigate to the Favorites Availability view by clicking the 'Favorites Availability' link below the 'Book' button on the main calendar; from the secondary navigation bar (the one that says Calendar / Sessions / People); or on your Favorites list on the People page. More about the Favorites Availability view

    • On the calendar: When you see one of your Favorites on a calendar slot, it means that they (and maybe more) of your Favorites are available at that time. Click ‘More’ (or the three-dot icon on smaller screens) to open the Partner panel. Here you will see one or more of your Favorites. When you select one of them, a lock icon on the Book button will indicate that you can do a locked-in booking with them. If there’s no lock icon on the Book button, it means that person has not shared their Availability.

    • Through someone’s Availability page: You can view a Favorite partner’s Availability page by going to their profile and clicking the ‘See availability’ button or locating them on the People page and clicking ‘See availability’ on the context menu. If they have sessions available, you can click on any time slot, and press the Book button that appears.

    Note that your ability to book locked-in sessions with someone depends on their Availability setting.

  • Can I cancel a locked-in session?
    Yes, you can cancel a locked-in session just like a regular session. When you cancel a locked-in session you booked with someone, we’ll match them with a new partner. And if someone booked a locked-in session with you and later canceled, we’ll find you a new partner.

  • Help! All of my sessions are automatically matched. How can I prevent this?

    If you get automatically matched with another Focusmate partner after booking a session, don't worry -- even if you were already assigned a random match, if someone locks in a session with you your current match will be overridden, and the locked-in session/partner will take priority.

  • What about sessions booked through someone's invite link?

    Sessions booked through someone's invite link are also locked-in—Focusmate won't change the partners unless one of them cancels the session. More about invite links.

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