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Availability setting and the See Availability page
Availability setting and the See Availability page

Learn how to control your Availability setting

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  • What is the Availability setting?
    The Availability setting lets you control who can book locked-in sessions with you and be preferentially matched with you. You can choose between ‘Everyone’ (all Focusmate members excluding people you have snoozed or blocked, and those that don’t match your gender preference, if any.), ‘Favorites only’, and ‘No one.’

    You can access the Availability setting by clicking your profile picture at the top right > Settings > Preferences > Availability

  • What does the 'See availability' button do?
    Clicking the ‘See availability' button on someone’s profile or in the context menu on the People page will take you to their Availability page where you can book locked-in sessions with them. If you see a ‘No sessions available’ message, it just means that they currently don’t have any sessions available, feel free to check again later!

  • Why is the ‘See availability’ button grayed out on some profiles?
    A grayed out 'See availability' button means that the person has not shared their availability. You can still view their profile and be matched with them, but you won’t be able to book locked-in sessions with them.

  • Who can access my 'See availability' page?
    Your Availability setting determines who can access your Availability page.

  • How do I update my availability on my See Availability page?
    You simply have to book Focusmate sessions and they will appear on your Availability page. For example, if you want to focus on Tuesday between 1-5pm, just book sessions during that time (you can choose 25 or 50-min sessions or a mix of both). When you book the sessions Focusmate will try to find you partners for each session, but anyone using your Availability page will be able to override those matches and get matched with you..

  • What is a locked-in session?
    A locked-in session is one where both partners are 'locked-in’—meaning that, unlike a ‘regular’ session, your partner won’t change unless one of you cancels the session. A locked-in session shows up with a lock icon on the calendar. More about locked-in sessions

  • How is the Availability page different from the private invite link?
    Both your Availability page and your private invite link let people book locked-in sessions with you. Anyone you’ve shared your invite link with can book locked-in sessions with you (unless you’ve snoozed or blocked them). Access to your Availability page is controlled through your Availability setting, letting you share it with everyone on Focusmate, only your Favorites, or no one. More about the invite links.

  • Will the Availability feature impact how I use

    InviteTimes is an external website (not developed or maintained by Focusmate). Since this website uses private invite links to generate a consolidated availability view, the Availability feature will not affect its function.

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