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Welcome to Focusmate!

How does it work? Simple: you choose a time you want to work, book a session, and we’ll pair you with an accountability partner — someone else in our global community who will be working on their own tasks.

During a session, you and your partner will share your goals and then quietly work on them. At the end, you’ll both share how the session went and what you accomplished.

Step 1: Book a session

You can book a session by selecting any time slot on the calendar. Don't worry if you don't see someone in that slot — just book, and we'll find you a match.

Use the toggle at the top right of the calendar to choose your session length – we have 25, 50, or 75-minute sessions.

Step 2: Join video call

Click the ‘Join’ button, which you’ll find on the left of your dashboard, in the “Upcoming” tab. You can join a session up to 10 minutes before it starts, and we encourage you to join a few minutes early so you have time to get settled and make sure your camera and mic are working.

Once you’re in your session, greet your partner and let them know what you’ll be working on. For extra accountability, you can also write your tasks down in the chat.

And then you get to work! Keep your camera on, and make sure you’re visible to your partner during the session.

Step 3: Celebrate your progress

At the end of the session, check in with your partner and celebrate your progress!

Some important guidelines:


  • Chat at the start to share your goals for the session and at the end to share your progress

  • Keep your camera on for the entire session, and make sure you’re in the frame so your partner can see you

  • Dress appropriately

  • Engage with kindness and respect

  • Stay until the end of the session – your partner is counting on you!

Not okay

  • Turning your camera off or being out of frame

  • Distracting or interrupting your partner during the session

  • Harmful, sexual, or hateful actions or comments

  • Flirting or prying personal details

  • Promoting or selling any products or services

  • Recording or screenshotting your partner without their consent

Ready? Head to the dashboard and book a session!

If you have any other questions, you can email, check out our demo video, or visit the Help Center.

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