Need to report misconduct?
We appreciate you reporting it so we can continue to keep this community safe and productive.
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We're sorry you had this experience on Focusmate! For us to take quick action, the most helpful reports of misconduct come with more context.

If you are in the session currently, you can use the Help? menu to report an incident with your partner. This will give us everything we need to take quick action on the issue.

If you would feel safer leaving the session now, please leave and follow these instructions to report the incident/user: Navigate to the user’s profile or your Sessions > Past Week history and use the reporting button from the related session.

If you don't see the session for some reason or if you prefer not to visit their profile, you can also reach us here using the Help button bottom right or by emailing us at anytime with the details of the session (user, date, time, misconduct description.)

Finally, don't forget to block your partner so you won't see each other on Focusmate again.

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