Sorry that the join session / play button didn't work for you -- we know that can be very frustrating.

Generally when we see the join/play button not working for someone there's a few key problems that could be the case, so hopefully one of the below solutions will work for you.

  • Day/Time Mix-up -- You'd be surprised but it happens, the upcoming session you are looking at may be for another day/time than you were thinking it was i.e. Tomorrow or AM vs PM -- have a close look if that's the case don't worry you aren't alone -- it wouldn't be the first time we had this come up :)

  • Time Sync Issues - For whatever reason, your browser isn't recognizing the time correctly -- you can check this by going to and looking at the top to see if it corrected your time (see screenshot below)

Depending on your computer, you may need to reset the time on your computer using a time sync feature or change it manually to a different time then changing it back. Here are some instructions on how to sync to a time server, which is offered within Mac and Windows.

  • Time Zone Issues - Your time zone on your computer isn't correct (less likely if you haven't changed locations or travelled recently but worth confirming) -- check that in the settings on your computer.

  • Focusmate Settings - Another time zone related issue but this time on Focusmate, maybe your time zone with us isn't set correctly? -- you can edit that here


If you need help with this, please let us know via the help button to the bottom right.

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